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Salaah - Tahara
3rd December 2021

About istibra

Assalamualaikum My name is Atif and I'm from India. My question is "what is istibra?" is it compulsory to perform it after urinating ? And is it mentioned in any hadith or not? Because many of us don't know this issue.....
Marriage - General
2nd December 2021

Is love marriage legal?

I have from my parents that love marriage is not legal. However, many Muslim youths in Hong Kong, where I live, is doing love marriages. They say that premarital love affairs on the purpose of marriage is legal. They claim that premarital affairs, on the purpose of marriage, is legal, but premarital sex, premarital, kisses and premarital holding hands are not legal. However, I always hear from Isl.....
Salaah - Tahara
2nd December 2021

Retrograde Ejaculation

Assalamualaikum, I have a medical problem known as retrograde ejaculation. Essentially if I'm intimate with my spouse, my semen doesn't release fully and because of that, the next few days every time I urinate, semen clearly comes out with the urine. Urine and semen then release together for the next few days each time I urinate. Must I then do ghusl every single time before prayer? Because that'.....
Health & Medicine
1st December 2021

Issue relating to black magic

With due respect I would like to inform that I have been suffering from black magic since last 7 years and there has been no sign of improvement have undergone lot of maulvi and Dr treatment . I would like to inform that I have got engaged many times but everytime it gets fixed it is broken it would be a great honour if you would suggest some dua.....
Hajj / Umrah
28th November 2021

Ihram Prohibitions

Salam, it is stated that we are prohibited to remove/shave/pluck/cut any hair while we are in the state of ihram during umrah. What is the ruling of removing/brushing away a STRAY eyelash from one’s eye that had already fallen from its root? Will one have to pay the penalty for this, even if we forgot about the rules momentarily?.....
Salaah - Tahara
23rd November 2021

Impurity on hand

So my question is very simple. Does a slightly moist hand pass imourity to another object. Say that someone has impure hands but they are dry and he goes to hold the tv remote. His hands become a slightly moist and the moisture is not visible but it is feelable did imourity transfer to the remotr.....
Hajj / Umrah
20th November 2021

Hajj financed by parents

I am a women of age 23 years, Single. Can I perform hajj with my parents as my parents can afford it? Will it be counted as an obligatory hajj because my parents are financing it? or Would I have to perform it again when I started earning myself? JazakiAllah Khair......
Food Related
19th November 2021

Washing food in the bathroom basin

Due to refurbishment in the kitchen we have no sink. I have been told that is haram to wash food items in the bathroom basin. Is this correct?.....
Salaah - Tahara
18th November 2021

Wet dreams

Assalamualaykum Waramatullahi Wabarakathu. I have a few questions regarding wet dreams : 1) When does Ghusl become fardh ? When i have wet dream only ? 1a) When i have a wet dream do i have to change all my clothes or only the clothes affected ? Like do i also have to wash my Kurta ? 2) Sometimes i have a wet dream but no discharge. Is Ghusl fardh or not ? 3) Is ghusl fardh when its Mani or M.....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
16th November 2021


I wanted to know if saying “Oh man” or “Oh dude” is considered a form of swearing or shirk. I’m hesitant because when calling upon Allah someone could say “Oh Allah”.....
Salaah - Performing
14th November 2021

Does sniffing (due to mucus coming out of ur nose for some reason) invalidate salah?

Does sniffing in salah due to mucus coming out of ur nose invalidate ur salah?.....
Marriage - General
21st October 2021

I want to marry my Divorced sister in law as my second wife.

I want to marry my Divorced sister in law as my second wife. She is living along with my wife back home and I'm working overseas. I've developed feelings for her, and I'm afraid that this may lead me for act of Sin. No one still has come forward with the marriage proposal as today's world people Materialistic only. Please guide/advice.....
Health & Medicine
19th October 2021

Diagnosed with coronary artery vasospasm I would like to know any ruqya or dua I can read

Recently I have been diagnosed with coronary artery vasospasm, it causes me immense depression and anxiety;there is no cure.I would like to know if there are particular surahs or duas I can recite on myself as a form of ruqya......
Health & Medicine
19th October 2021

Is this black magic?

AssalamoAlaikum. My fiance I got engaged in 2019 and we were living happily but after some time there was sudden change in my fiance as he gets angry on small things too much . When he talks on phone he gets too much angry that he said many times I will leave you but we meet in person he is totally opposite person then he say I can't leave you. Sometimes he doesn't know what he is saying. Accordin.....
Oaths and Vows
17th October 2021

Compulsive waswasa and waswasa al qahri

Assalamu alaikum shaukh, I have so many compulsive waswas that I am living my life so depressed that I cannot tell others and I am a 15 years old boy. I can't even have a fun with others. I always live confused . I have a waswas of making oaths and vows . Few days ago it came into my mind that I am swearing that I am going to close my father Facebook account and from then till now my waswas is g.....
17th October 2021

Learning driving for women

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh. I want to know that is there any wrong with women learning how to drive a car and this act is performed in front of mahram men only. And she is learning it so she can use it for emergency purpose......
Health & Medicine
16th October 2021

Removing evil spirit magic

Assalaamu alaikum.. pls suggest ruqyah to remove magic ,evil spirits ,devil etc if someone gets affected means... i have an apartment which i don't use..can i give this to rent and fix a monthly income of this..is it halal like getting fixed rent every month? pls reply its urgent.. May ALLAAH reward for the fabulous work you are doing...AAMEEN Jazakallaahu khairaan.....
Marriage - Issues
22nd September 2021

Waswas about talaq

Salam alaikum mufti brother thanks for helping people! Ever since i have read about what causes talaq i feel like everything is causing talaq a month ago my husband said “if you ever talk about this topic again i know what to do”does saying “i know what to do”if husband intend talaq cause talaq i actually did talk about that topic after that so I’m scared that what if it has caused tala.....
Oaths and Vows
23rd September 2021

Extreme waswasah and ocd

Assalamualaikum, When I do taubah or do anything through dua my mind makes oaths and then I forget whether I say it verbally or not . But my mind says that you say it varbally 100% but I know that when I was doing taubah how can I make oath. Is this a kind of waswasa . Do I need to pay kaffarah ? I am so depressed that I want to suicide or leave islam . I know that certainty is not affected by .....
Marriage - Issues
23rd September 2021

Kinaya words

i just want to ask the sentence "go to hell" is kinaya word or not.....