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Oaths and Vows
2nd November 2022

I was watching a match I said if my team wins the match my wife is halal otherwise not I lost the ma

I was watching a match I said if my team wins the match my wife is halal otherwise not I lost the match note there was no intension of divorce or zihar I am getting a lot of wasassi regarding my relationship I was asking help from Allah in a wrong way.please don’t post my question it’s very stupid.I done this twice.....
Marriage - Issues
27th January 2023

Marriage problems with parents and wife

As-Salaam-Alaikum, I am writing to you to ask for advice in a personal matter. I have been married for 1 year and live in a shared accommodation with my mother, step-father, and sister. My wife is not happy with the living arrangement due to multiple reasons. We live in an apartment however since there are only 2 washrooms she has to share it with my sister, and the washroom is inconveniently l.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
27th January 2023

Authenticity of this statement

I have read the following narration Sa‘eed ibn Jubair, may Allah be pleased with him, said, "Allah, the Exalted, will inflict a punishment on a group of people because they played with their private parts." It has been cited in Tafsirs and some fiqh books without a chain of narrators and the chain/authenticity has not been located. I was wondering, does it being included in fiqh books make i.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
18th January 2023

Is this type of dua permissible

Aslaamu Alaikum Is it permissible to make a dua that I get married before my sister. I know its not okay to make dua aganist someone. But I was wondering if making a dua that I get married before my sister. (I would still want her to get married) would be considered a dua aganist her......
Marriage - Issues
21st January 2023

Marriage Refusal

Salam alaykoum wa rahmatullah Wa barakatuh . Let me introduce you to my case. I want to marry a woman, she thinks I am a good person, with good character who is good for her deen. The father refuses for reasons that are outdated, such as ethnicity or education, can we get married with the brother’s consent? Her mother and brother know me and appreciate me. However, her sisters don’t want mar.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
12th January 2023

Istikhara about a non muslim

Assalamu alaikum Can I make istikharah about praying for a non muslim to become a muslim and me marrying him if he does become a muslim.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
8th January 2023

Making a dua for nikkah to not be valid

i made a dua while it was raining and between asr and maghrib for my nikkah to not be valid if i wear a certain type of shoe. if this dua has been accepted, does that mean i should avoid wearing this type of shoe?.....
6th January 2023

GAP Insurance

Assalamu alaykum, Here in the UK car insurance is compulsory as we know. When buying or leasing a car on any sort of finance (including 0% interest) car dealers offer you an optional insurance called GAP insurance. This is because if the car is written off ( by accident, theft or fire) the insurance will pay out the current market value of the car not the purchase price (what you still owe). Th.....
Halal and Haram
29th December 2022

I work for a financial regulator. Is my income halal?

Asalamulaykum, I am currently working at the Financial Conduct Authority which is a regulator of the UK financial services sector. They are financed by the companies they regulate which include a wide range of banks, insurance companies and normal businesses like car dealers or dentists. My role here is that I deal with queries from the firms we regulate. I mainly deal with queries relating to .....
Marriage - Issues
28th December 2022

Past relationships of partner

Salam, i am 22 years of old male and my fiance is 18 years of old Please give me your advice asap as our nikkah is in one month I have been talking to my fiancée for 3 months after engagement , our nikkah is going to be in start of January. 2 days ago i asked for her social media account, she gave me the accounts but deleted everything, i knew how to check deleted friends and chats so i ch.....
Halal and Haram
26th December 2022


So there's someone who for example is making £500 (or £1000,£2000 and etc) that I would send to a said bank account by them into £5000 the bank account that I would send the £500 to would be a dormant account and they would send money back into my bank as £5000 After receiving the £5000 they would take a cut for example £2000 and the rest would be for me to keep Is this permissable in.....
Marriage - Issues
3rd November 2022

Step daughter touching

If someone accidentally touched stepdaughter’s breast what’s the law of sariah?.....
25th December 2022

I had a vision of a young girl?

so I was minding my business in my room, when I suddenly saw a vision of young girl, she was very young maybe 10 or 11 and she was light brown complexation, I thought she was really pretty, she was gone as fast she came though. I have never had a vision like this in my life before but she appeared right in front of my eyes like I was seeing a real person. something told me it was Aisha but I don't.....
Marriage - General
11th December 2022

Zina with wife's sister ( sister in law)

I was reading about zina with wife's sister ( sister in law) and I read that according to Hanafi madhab Zina with sister of wife ( sister in law) break Nikah between husband and wife even if someone touch his sister in law with desire. I hand shaked with my sister in law long time ago but I'm not sure was it with desire or it was just a normal hand shaked. There is no relationship between me a.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
3rd December 2022

Hadith on masturbation

I read the following hadith on masturbation: " سبعة لا ينظر الله إليهم يوم القيامة ، ولا يزكيهم ، ولا يجمعهم مع العاملين ، ويدخلهم النار أول الداخلين ، إلا أن يتوبوا ، فمن تاب تاب الله عليه : ناكح يده ، والفاعل ، والمفعول به ، ومدمن الخمر ، وا.....
1st December 2022

Money invested used for a different purpose and then stolen. Can we claim back our money?

As salam alaykum respected shuyukh... I need a fiqhi answer to a financial issue...can you kindly please help me .. Jazakumullahu khayran... . Here is my question : In February 2020, my husband and I invested money with one of his friends. The basis of that investment initially was that, after every 3 months, we get 25 % profit of the amount of money invested. HIs activity was buying expensiv.....
Salaah - Tahara
30th November 2022

Orgasms due to a medical condition

I think I may have persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). Generally, the arousal symptoms are worse after showering (including after ghusl) and I have to sit still for hours before the arousal symptoms leave. The arousal symptoms also appear after going to the toilet to a lesser extent. I think they are caused by cleaning my intimate area (i.e. with water and my fingers) although I do not int.....
Hajj / Umrah
26th November 2022

Miqat rules from Jeddah

Salaams, I will be travelling from UK to Saudi to perform Umrah Insha'Allah. However, we will be staying in Jeddah for four nights prior to travelling to Makkah for the Umrah. What is the Islamic ruling on Miqaat in our case? Where can we wear the Ihram for Umrah? All guidance on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Jazakallahu khairan.....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
26th November 2022


Assalam mualaikum Wahramatullahi wabaraktu. I was on the website Islamqa and I was looking at the question. Is it true that when u read surah Jinn you see a jinn?the person also asks how do you get one? Moulana Qamruz Zaman replys no this is not true to the first question to my understanding. If you go on Google search Syed Faisal Abbas Sheraz Pak amliyat he mentions that if you read surah jinn fo.....
Inheritance and Wills
4th November 2022

Inheritance issue's

Assalamoalaikom. My Question is regarding inheritance. I will give you the background to the whole issue. Me and my 2 brothers including our parents were financially in a joint system. I lived in Pakistan with my parents whilst my brothers worked in the uk . We lived in Pakistan mostly on my father's pension . Now and then my brothers would send money. If we wanted to buy land etc they would .....