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Imaan / 'Aqaaid
29th July 2022


I am a unmarried man in his 30"s and an addict to pornography / masturbation of 15/20 years. I have tried numerous of times to quit this evil deed, unfortunately my nafs and shaytaan has not allowed me to. But one day very soon I will, In-Sha-Allah. One day whilst browsing this evil addiction of mine, I found myself stumbling across blasphemous video content, in that moment I found myself stra.....
Halal and Haram
31st July 2022

Is my job halal

is my job permissible working at an investment bank my job role is: Maintenance of Xplan including the following: o Ensuring that all client workflows and tasks are carried out and completed in line with company policy. o Ensure client data is up to date. o Submit new business to centralised Financial Planning Administration, including provider and product. o Inputting fees. Working wi.....
Marriage - Issues
24th July 2022

Assalamualaikum, Can a boy Marry her Mother's Uncle's doughter. Means apni Ammi ke Chacha ke bate se

Assalamualaikum, Can a boy Marry her Mother's Uncle's doughter. Means apni Ammi ke Chacha ke bate se kya nikah Jayaz Hai.Jabki wo larki us larka ka khala lagta hai......
Hajj / Umrah
10th July 2022

I have shaved my head before Sacrifce confirmation from my Hajj tour operator to whom I had already

I have shaved my head before Sacrifce confirmation from my Hajj tour operator to whom I had already paid the sacrifice amount in advance. Do I need to pay any Damn in this case as I opened my Ahram before his confirmation which is nearly 2 hours before his confirmation, how much Damn shall I pay......
Salaah - Tahara
17th July 2022

Ocd or wisper about tahara

I’m suffering with constant intrusive thought about madhi and fear all the time that my salat doesn’t count. Sometimes i look at something normal and have bad sexual thoughts about it and feel like madhi have been discharged and i look and there’s nothing and sometimes there’s something. I feel like sheitan is making me having those thoughts because i dont look at anything haram.Its becomi.....
Salaah - Recitation
10th July 2022

Accidentally said Allahu Akbar after Fatiha

I accidentally said Allahu Akbar after reciting surah fatiha in Salah. Do i need to redo salah?.....
Salaah - Tahara
14th July 2022

Floor purity

a relative has laminate style flooring in their kitchen. They needed to mop it as there was lots of dust due to renovation in the kitchen. They used a mop to do this but the mop used was an old one that is currently used in the toilet/bathroom. The relative did wash the old mop in the sink with cleaning liquid then used the mop to mop the kitchen floor. My question is has this made the kitchen f.....
Marriage - Issues
15th July 2022

Divorce given from wife

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakathu During an argument with my wife. I said to her “If you want to divorce me, then you say it, you can have my divorces”, she then said “I divorce you”. Does this constitute a divorce?.....
Halal and Haram
8th July 2022

Diagnostic commission to the referral

Diagnostic centers give a pre-fixed percentage to doctors against each test/investigation if the doctor suggest/send patient to the center for testing. And if the center doesn't provide the percentage it doesn't take less form patient. Is it halal to give such percentage? If it's haram, is it halal to do job in such institute?.....
Halal and Haram
4th July 2022

Business loan on interest

Assalamualaikum, I am in a very dire situation and have postponed this thought until now. I want to start a business and am eligible to take a loan from the bank at some interest. I know Riba is totally forbidden. If I take this loan, start my business and make profit, can I pay the interest amount as sadaqah from my halal profit income? I also plan to pay off this loan as quickly as possible t.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
5th July 2022

Fasting in foreign country then returning to native

I am currently in Australia. Fasting starting on 2nd Apr which is a day earlier than Singapore. I will return to Spore on the 15th Apr and continue fasting in Spore. And in Singapore fasting will be 30days. So I would have fasted 31Days if I were to follow Spore system. So how do I do it?.....
Halal and Haram
6th July 2022


Aslam-o-Alikum I have one question I'm an SEO specialist and I am working with many advertisement companies In my database one company is asking me to publish betting articles. it will be haram or not please tell me If it is halal then ok if not then please inform me. Jazakallah.....
Hajj / Umrah
3rd July 2022

How many Tawaf and Saee in Hajj e Qiran

Assalam Alaikum, I am a resident of Saudi Arabia. I will perform Hajj (Hajj e Qiran) this year in a few days. Please can you guide me as to how many Tawaf and Saee are there in Hajj e Qiran? kind regards,.....
1st July 2022

Bank transactions

I am doing a business for that i need go daily riba based bank for business transactions. Is it permissible?. Without bank i cant do that business now what can i do?.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
1st July 2022

Combining two fast in one day

If someone intentionally breaks his voluntary fast without any valid excuse (as in my case it is the fast of Ashura), is it will be valid to combine the intention for making up this fast with the fast of Arafa (9th Dhul hijja)?.....
Marriage - Issues
1st July 2022


Salaam walaikum is a Talaq validated if husband says 3 times, I gave my wife talaq in presence of no body and husband lives for 3 years in another country alone.....
Halal and Haram
19th June 2022

IT service based company providing technical assistance to bank

Assalamualaikum. I'm working in a service based IT company where we provide IT services to clients. Currently our client is a bank and I'm providing technical support to a bank. Is it permissible to do so or is it haram?.....
Health & Medicine
27th June 2022

COVID-19​ Vaccine

As Salam ualaikum, Will it be halal or Haram to take the upcoming COVID-19​ vaccine? If it is Haram to take and become a mandatory what do we do living here in the West? Jazakallahu khairan.....
Hajj / Umrah
25th June 2022


My question is in bakrid festival if we don't have place at home to sacrifice animal at home. Is this possible to sacrifice goat at mutton shop instead of home. Please help me with answer.....
Salaah - Tahara
23rd June 2022

Purification madhiy

assalamu alaykum, I deal with excessive madhiy, and I wanted to know if a drop of madhiy, like less than the size of a dirham is pardonable? I'm constantly purifying my clothes such as splashing water over my undergarments according to the sunnah and washing my private area, and I even put tissue in my undergarments. This has been bothering me because my clothes is constantly wet and little madhiy.....